Why 2015 Is A Year Of Change?

Well, you are reading a lot of New Year’s resolutions nowadays, but have you actually made one for you? Since, it’s almost the end of first month of 2015, you must have at least selected on the domain of the change required in your Personality, and the change could either be professional or in terms of your life style. Perhaps, you need to maintain your diet plan, set your time table or get some expertise over any skills.

The New Year resolution could be as simple as learning basics of handling monthly expenses or it could be as difficult as completing actuarial course. Well, we are going to discuss a new and somewhat exciting New Year resolution this time which is Google’s 2015 Perspective in terms of SEO.

Well, if you are thinking only you celebrate New Year night, you are perhaps being too innocent. Google robots are way too smarter than your imaginations and while you were celebrating New Year’s night, Google was editing and reediting its algorithms.

What is SEO?

Well, SEO is the fuel for boosting online presence of either brands or personalities. It is as simple as the combination between life and Oxygen, the fresh air you inhale, the better are the results, same goes true for SEO, the better strategy you build, improved Google rankings are the fruits. While, the world was observing huge paradigm shift in the perception and perhaps interests from Digital age to new Social era, advertisements and marketing was also changing its mediums from TV, Radio to now Social Media, Blogs, Personal & Commercial Websites and E-Commerce.

Google face in 2015 in terms of SEO

Well, Google likes changes been made year after year in its algorithms to make life of Coders on toes. This year will be most crucial as per the trends of past years. And predictions are 40% of the top pages will be gone out of the market if the coder’s won’t apply new strategy into place.

This whole story started with keywords placement which Google once ranked important one, then gradually developments were being made and link building was been introduced. Today, Social Media is the most important tool in raising authentication for your site. Some of the top tips required for Bloggers in 2015 are just mentioned below;

Make Responsive Themes

The first and foremost point a viewer notices is the physical appearance of any website. Since, with the advent of smartphones, people are mostly equipped with this tool most of the time, therefore it is better to make simple yet responsive templates.

Duck Duck Go, Yahoo, Google or Bing. Who will be the leader?

Well, Google has enjoyed market leader position for more than a decade, it’s time to lets push it out of the market together, and this is what Yahoo and Bing together are doing. With more sophisticate designs, better options, and sleek designs and over all greater user friendliness, predictions are yahoo might overcome Google market position. This news furthers get endorsements from Firefox news release to make a deal with Safari in 2015, so it’s a ripe moment for yahoo to quickly grab Google’s earlier place.

Secondly, Apple’s new ios8 and OSX will have default search engines as Duck Duck Go, making Goolge’s importance extremely vague.

Wake up from Keyword old Strategy

If you are still living in a fancy world, I would say wake up. It’s been old times when rankings were decided on the basis of keyword placement. No matter if you site is still on top of the page with the ehlp of keyword placement, but what is the benefit to it in Revenues? If you are owning a commercial website, it does not matter how much impressions are coming to your website, you should perhaps be more interested in the Sales and Revenues in terms of $$.

Social Media Marketing

Predictions are that in 2015, 40% of the audience population over online channels will come from Social Media. Facebook and Twitter are the most vibrant tools that an online marketer must know how to play with.

In bound links

So frustrated about site mapping or building links. Let me tell you a tip which will not going to change neither in 2015 nor in near future. This tip is none but inbound links. Try to build your website in and around inbound links that are sustainable and can make you earn even when you are not running any ad-words campaign.

SEO is none but a spicy pasta, the successor will be the one who’ll eat it layer by layer. It’s not one shoe fits all situations, you need to understand your audience demographics first. And believe me once, you’ll learn it, this would none more of a GTA game (Since you have all cheats available). I would like to end this discussion on an open ended note, businesses will always cry for organic traffic and SEO will be the most important tool in handling this decade at-least.

About Author: Hadia Mehak! I am a Guest blogger, my expertise lies in Information technology including the domain of digital media marketing. You can find more information about me at www.wistech.biz

Hadia Mehak

Hadia Mehak! I am a Guest blogger, my expertise lies in Information technology including the domain of digital media marketing. This article topic was suggested by http://iflorabella.com/

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