5 Ways To Earn Money Online

The internet is not only a place for connecting with your friends, meeting new people, finding recipes or watching videos, it is a place for business too. Whether you realise it or not, while you are doing any of the above, somebody somewhere is making money and you are not even aware of it.

An easy way to make money would be to play online casino games. There are so many sites out there that let you have fun and even make real money. These sites are safe, approved by the government and all you need is lady luck to be on your side to win. But if you do not want to rely on luck alone, then there are some other ways that will also let you make money legitimately.

Why don’t you know them already? Well, the reason is behind it is that you are simply not aware of how to go about it. So, let us quickly tell you 5 ways to earn money online.

Let Websites Pay You

Yes, it might sound weird but websites pay you for visiting them, spending time there and helping them out. These websites are a little different than the ones you usually visit but a simple sign up process will open the world of possibilities for you, where you can answer their surveys, review different websites, try a new search engine or something and make some extra cash for yourself. This is not a substitute for your day job;it’s just something that you can do to instead of just scrolling down the NewsFeed on Facebook.

Set Up An Online Shop

If a computer task is not something you really enjoy, you can still use the internet to sell something more tangible. How about setting up an online cake shop, florist, pharmacy, art gallery, printing store…. the possibilities are endless. Let the online world find your shop while you work hard on making sure that your products reach your customers on time and at great price.


If you have skill like designing, writing, typing, photography etc. that you can sell, then being online is the hottest place for you. There are hundreds and thousands of freelance jobs that are moving to the online marketplace every day and you can have fun and sell your skill at the same time. Thanks to the internet, there are many people who have now taken this route and work at their own will and schedule. But just because this offers you freedom, you cannot the job lightly. Your client is as serious about his project as he would be and if you cannot complete the task to his description, he is not going to come back to you.  So while freelancing might seem like Utopia as against your day job right now, it also comes with huge loads of responsibilities as well.

Blog/ Vlog

If you are not the kind of person who likes to write for someone else, then why not share your knowledge through a Blog/ Vlog. While a Vlog is relatively new concept, it is a more interactive and even entertaining way of spreading the word and likely to find you subscribers quickly. A blog on the other hand is comparatively a slower grind and takes a while to take off. The good news, here though, is that there are numerous ways of making money through a Blog. To start off, you could review products that fall in your niche or sign up for affiliate programs and earn commission when some buys something off your site. If you have a lot of followers, you can also set up a subscription fee, for the work you put in. Better still, you can have your won merchandise that you can sell off your site and make a good living for yourself.

Take Up An Online Job

Everything we have mentioned so far is a time consuming process. The internet is a vast ocean of website and it can take a fair amount of time for you to get noticed and develop a following. If your situation is dire and you need cash to pay your bills every month, then you need an online job and that is also not very difficult to find. Sites like Crowdsource have a wide array of jobs to offer that can be done while staying at home and using a computer and/or phone. So, you could be designer or a sales executive, working for 4-5 hours from your home and taking a hourly salary. This soreness of a day job might still stay but the flexibility this offers is amazing and pay is also good. So, it is a win – win situation.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team led by Karan Chopra. Karan is an internet enthusiast, who loves to explore every second thing in both technology and business.

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