6 Ways To Beat The Back To Work Blues

Going on a vacation is the best thing, but the thought of getting back to your daily routine, after the vacation, may come as a huge bummer. This may come as no surprise to you if you are a frequent traveller or vacationer, in fact many a times the work blues after you return from your holiday are so bad that the thought of going for a vacation itself is off putting. But this need not be the case, with a few simple things in mind you can help you cope up with the whole feeling blue thing.

For example, taking a short walk or going for a run is said to immensely improve one’s mood, if you don’t want to go out that much, simple repeated exercises, like squats, lunges and push ups also seem to do the trick. Eating healthy also plays a huge role in boasting ones mood, make sure you have plenty of nuts and dark chocolate lying around, and treat yourself regularly.

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