7 European Drinking Games And How To Play Them

How many times have you spent the whole party playing drinking games and creating new friendships? It is amazing what a little laughter, fun and, of course, few drinks can do to ease a process of making new friends. We all love to play games, from the early days of our lives. Why should we stop when we get older? We just need to find a way to continue that fun, and alcohol can greatly help us with that. Even because the small amounts of alcohol all barriers slowly disappear and you can make friends with people you least expect. At first glance, you certainly you can’t guess who in this group of people will be the best partner for some drinking game. Find the best company to play one of the drinking games you will learn with the help of these infographics.

When you go to a foreign country, meeting new people can be really scary. Fortunately, whatever European country you visit, you will discover that local people also like parties and especially drinking games. Share a drink with someone, play a thrilling game and in no time you will find new friends in whichever country you are. In Italy you could play an amazing game called Domande. In this game each player takes turns asking a question to another one, who then asks a new question to another one, and so on. In this game only yes and no questions are allowed and you must drink if you break this rule. If you hesitate with the question or answer, you must drink. You should also drink if you repeat the question or if you laugh. Players can not pose questions to the previous player – if they break this rule, then they must drink. Discover more amazing European drinking games in this great infographic.


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