8 Unusual Ways To Display Your Indoor Plants

It’s a proven fact that having flowers, plants and generally anything natural and green will improve your mood. They can also help to boost the atmosphere and vibe in any room, but whilst some people may decide to use the traditional plant pot to display their house plants others have decided to go down the much-more creative route.

Unusual and different ways to display plants have become a fantastic way to show your individuality and creativity. Using already owned household items that you may not even have a need for anymore can also help keep costs down and make your house the talk of the town amongst your friends.

The latest infographic from Serenata Flowers have looked at 8 of the most ingenious ways of displaying your indoor plants and just how you can recreate these ideas in your very own home with a little bit of DIY.

Most people would probably throw their light bulbs away once they have ran out of power but next time, how about making a cheap and easy light bulb vase? Once you’ve taken the electrical contact from the base (along with the wiring and filament) you can fill the light bulb with water and flowers and hang it up with gardening wire.

Having sealable glass containers like terrariums around the house is always effective and results in minimal care and effort being required. Keeping hold of any glass jars once you’ve finished with them means you can touch them up, fill with pebbles and soil and start growing your very own indoor-terrarium.

Have a look at their infographic below for some more great ideas and get your creative juices flowing.



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