An Axe Throwing Party Will Exceed Expectations

There’s a reason why axe throwing parties and axe throwing leagues are so popular in Canada and it’s simply that they are fun. However, try suggesting one to your friends, family, and coworkers and they might give you a funny look. That’s just because they’ve never been to one and can’t imagine how fun they are. Anyone who gives you that reaction will be in for a treat and if you bring them there they’ll be grateful that they did. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Axe throwing leagues like BATL, the Backyard Axe Throwing League, literally began in people’s backyards. BATL is the most popular axe throwing league in Canada with seven different locations nation-wide. While the league no longer meets in backyards, it still retains the fun and excitement from those early days. Axe throwing leagues started because a few friends went out to a camp and realized how fun and challenging it was to throw axes at a target. They started holding regular meetings in their backyard and in a couple of years the popularity of the sport required them to look for a permanent home.

Of course, axe throwing as a sport didn’t happen overnight. It’s as old as the axe, which is pretty old. It’s part of our Canadian heritage, because the axe was and is such an important tool and symbol of survival in the wilderness. Because of its prominence in our colonial history, people are excited to get back to their roots and learn how to use such an important tool for recreation.

These axe throwing leagues still meet regularly and have blossomed into a national craze. So much so that axe throwing leagues also host parties. You can book the league for a few hours, organize your friends, and even bring your own alcohol, as long as it’s not in glass containers. You’ll be coached by an axe throwing expert how to throw an axe effectively. Then you and your friends will split up into teams and see which team can get the best score on the target. Axe throwing parties are perfect for birthdays, team building exercises, and bachelor or bachelorette parties and just about anything else. You can read more about BATL’s bachelor party ideas here:  Minors aren’t allowed at axe throwing leagues and that means that you won’t have to worry about being around any crying brats for a while (unless your friends are grown up crying brats, that’s another story).

If you want to be the hero in your office or friend group, book an axe throwing party today. The reason why leagues are getting bigger, and the demand for axe throwing leagues and parties is growing is because once someone tries axe throwing for the first time, they will want to go back. Thus the craze began and that’s why it will continue to grow. Join the legion of Canadian axe throwing fans today! You won’t regret it and your friends will thank you forever and ever.


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