Becoming A Stylist To The Rich And Famous

Many dream of becoming a stylist to Hollywood’s finest, but few have what it takes to succeed. If your sixth sense–fashion sense– is more finely honed than a bloodhound’s nose, you can spot a fashion faux pas easier than a Kardashian can secure a spot in a tabloid, and you long to make the world a better place one outfit at a time, you may have the skills, attitude, and sheer chutzpah to make it as a stylist to the stars.

Becoming accepted into Tinseltown’s “inner sanctum” is no easy feat–and many up-and-coming, savvy young stylists have failed miserably. If, however, you are embraced by a member of Hollywood’s elite and entrusted with creating their “look,” you will soon discover the perks that this auspicious position can bring.

Famous “Friends”

Okay. So you may not be “friends” in the traditional sense of the word, but you will definitely get to spend a great deal of time with your celebrity clients and rub pencil-thin elbows with their famed friends. If you long to be on a first-name basis with movie stars and models, fashioning their looks is a great way to do it.

Lusted-after Locations

Your cubicle-cloistered chums will be emerald with envy over the vistas and venues that you will be visiting in order to keep your famous clients looking their best. As “Up, Up, and Away: Celebrities Fly Their Stylists in for the Perfect Cut” says, those who long to always have the perfect cut and forgo the risk of a bad one, fly in their favorite hair stylist while they are filming, touring, doing press, or simply on holiday. This goes for fashion and makeup stylists too.

Not only will you get to stay in great hotels and chow down on excellent food, but you will also be afforded backstage access to exclusive events like television shows, awards banquets, concerts, and charity galas.

Shop ‘Til You Drop…Literally

If you are pursuing a career in style, you, obviously, love to shop. In fact, you likely prefer shopping to sex. Or chocolate. Or sex covered in chocolate. And, as a celebrity stylist, you will be required to shop. A lot.

Yes, you will spend hours sifting through the racks of top-notch department stores, boutiques, and showrooms putting together the right looks for your favorite Hollywood divas. And you will rarely leave empty handed. As, “Top 10 Reasons Being a Stylist is the Best Job Ever” states, “you get paid to be a shopping machine.” Sweet!

A Public Portfolio

If you are a self-professed camera hog who relishes the limelight, you will be happy to note that the fruits of your labor–your expertly-styled clients–will likely be splashed all over glossy magazine pages, social media feeds, and entertainment TV shows everywhere. The more famous your client is, the more exposure your work will receive.

Be the Boss

As a stylist, you are self-employed. Yes, you are your own boss–no matter what your clients think. With the ability to choose who and how many clients you take on, you will enjoy greater flexibility and control over your career than many of your friends.

Cool Factor

Come on! The biggest perk of all is the fact that you will have the coolest job out of anyone in your social circle and, without a doubt, be the envy of all your friends and frenemies. After all, according to “The Advantages of Being a Fashion Stylist,” fashion stylists go shopping and play dress-up with their clients in a laid-back setting. It hardly sounds like work at all, does it?

Obviously, not everyone who dreams of becoming a celebrity stylist will see their vision become a reality. As you can imagine, these jobs are more highly coveted than a night with George Clooney. But, if you possess a flare for fashion, an eye for spotting trends, and a generous helping of tenacity, you may have what it takes to become the next great Hollywood image-maker.

If you could become a celebrity stylist to any star you wish, who would you choose?

About Author: Kimberley Laws is a freelance writer, avid blogger, and makeup artist. You can follow her at The Embiggens Project.

Kimberley Laws

Kimberley Laws is a freelance writer, avid blogger, and owner of several pairs of animal slippers. You can follow her at The Embiggens Project, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+.

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