Book And Pay Your Babysitters Instantly Via ‘Sitter’ Babysitting App

Finding a babysitter for a Friday night can give you nightmares right from Monday. Testing, calling and sometimes personal visits do not land you a babysitter when you need it the most. But with the Sitter app, finding a babysitter is not only easy but also fast and trustworthy.

Unlike a dial-a-sitter service, the Sitter app can provide you all the details of the sitter even before you decide to hire them for an evening. What’s more, you can share sitter details with other moms in your neighbourhood or circle and create a sitter network for the future.

This way, when looking for a sitter, you can simply go to your network and pick one when you want. Just put your requirement and the first sitter to get back to you gets the job. Payments can also be handled via the app, while also sending you updates on how much time the sitter is still available for, when you step out. Try it today!

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