Building An Audience For Your Business

When it comes to a successful marketing strategy for building an audience for your new business you should take into consideration viral marketing and promoting on social networks. The term comes from fact that information spreads from person to person like a virus, hence the name “viral” marketing.This type of marketing includes any strategy that encourages the individual to spread a marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth of that message in terms of availability and its impact.  The assumption of viral marketing is that when someone starts to use your new product or service, advertising goes to everyone who interacts with him or her.

What is needed for successful viral campaign?

Creating successful viral content is not an easy job. The audience often does not dare to propagate the content produced by the brand, but it does not mean that you cannot make a successful story.

There are a few tricks for creating successful a viral campaign and thus build a bigger audience for your business:

  • There’s a chance you fail, be prepared for it. When you create content there is a high chance that it will not go viral. This does not mean that you shouldn’t expect positive results, but you should be prepared for a few tries before you make a big hit.
  • Try to create incredibly interesting content – regardless of the kind of content, you must find ways to do be attractive to your audience. Think about the audience and what is it that will motivate them to proactively share your business information with the others?
  • Create content that can be seen everywhere – you need to invest time and effort to get a unique idea. It is well known that plagiarism has a low pass, so don’t copy someone else’s idea. If you want to succeed in the field of viral marketing, you need to reach further than anyone else did. Creating useful, entertaining and relevant content which your audience will enjoy is the first prerequisite of going viral.

Social network marketing

If you want to build a big audience for your business, marketing through social networks online is a powerful method to make your business more visible in a shorter time than it would be the case if you use some other promotional methods.

Those who ignore the effectiveness and impact of social networks are usually classified into three categories, those who do not know much about social networks, those who are interested but do not know how to take advantage of them, and those who do not believe that the planned appearance on social networks can benefit their business. And they are all wrong! This way of advertising will certainly help your business evolve and promote.

Four big reasons to use social media, social video or social networking for promotional purposes are:

  • It is a natural way of advertising. Not only does your business website receive natural links, it is also visible to a larger group of visitors.
  • Once successfully created, a social media can give your businesses web site a huge boost in traffic, even greater than the one that comes through search engines.
  • If you create your own social network, costs are limited only by time and perhaps the cost of hiring freelance programmers/designers. The benefits almost always outweigh the costs.
  • Optimization and marketing are usually specific, depending on the type of social media selected for promotion. This kind of promotion does not jeopardize other methods of promotion which attract attention to your business and it fits perfectly with the other advertising campaigns.

Importance of video campaigns

Many online campaigns can attract a lot of attention to your business and that always has a positive effect to your sales. One of the most viral tools in marketing is using the popular web sites for social video sharing.

When users watch a high quality video, they actively share it with their friends and the result is a huge increase in the number of hits in a short period of time. Video sharing is rapidly expanding on the Internet and can bring a drastic increase in your sales.

However you decide to advertise your business and build an audience, don’t think about yourself, think about your potential customers and your business promotion should be very subtle – never aggressive.

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