Cost Of Speeding Around The World

Speeding is never a smart thing to do. That should never be an option, regardless what the reason is. You should always respect speed limit no matter if you want to get somewhere faster, or if you have missed your alarm clock and you are late for work. There’s a reason why speed limit exists, and that is to facilitate road conditions, reduce accidents and save your life and the lives of those around you. You surely think that nothing can happen if you drive just a little bit faster than the speed limit, but imagine what chaos would happen if all the other drivers thought the same?

Driving in accordance with the legal limit is always important, but especially when you are driving on unfamiliar roads in a foreign country. You are not familiar with the road conditions which is why you need to pay a lot more attention and concentration to drive properly. If that does not convince you that you should be more careful and conscious when driving in a foreign country, then the cost of a speeding ticket surely will. The cost of speeding ticket differs from country to country, and you will truly surprised how much you could end up paying somewhere.

Did you know how high was the world’s largest speeding fine? The ticket of $1m was given in 2010 to a Swedish driver in Switzerland who was driving 300km/h . But, considering that he was driving a car that could go to 300km/h, he probably had enough money to pay the ticket.  Given how many lives he has endangered with this reckless driving, many people would have thought that the fine was even too low. If you want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you, you should check out this infographic to discover speed limits in various town around the world.


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