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A Protein Shake Can Help Boost Stores.

We can fit our body with the help of taking balance diet. Such as fat, carbohydrate, protein etc. If we treat our body with the bit of respect, with the help of balance diet, it will last lifetime.

Everyone knows that in order to keep our bodies functioning properly, it is essential to eat a balanced diet. While we are all aware that we should eat at least five portions of fruit or veg every day, what else should we put on the menu to ensure we remain healthy?

Starch carbohydrates: found in rice, potatoes and wheat products like bread and pasta. Many diets try to deflect away from starchy carbs, but they are a main provider of energy for the body. Think of athletes stocking up on bowls of spaghetti before an event. Wholegrain products are healthier and contain more fibre than refined, white foods, so stick with brown bread.

Dairy / Fat: some fat is necessary in the diet for protection of the vital organs, to layer the skin for warmth and (from dairy produce) calcium, but all in moderation. Too much can lead to obesity and heart disease. Fat occurs naturally in meat and dairy produce, hence choosing slimline versions or trimming off excess rind is advisable. Fat isn’t easy to get rid of, as many of us can attest.

Proteins: It can in meat, fish, eggs and pulses. Protein is an important structural component of cells. It provides the body with 10-15 percent energy, needed for repair, growth and building muscle. Hence many sports people consist on high protein diets. For those who struggle to get enough protein in their diets, supplements or a protein shake can help boost stores.

Fruit and vegetables: contain a myriad of vitamins and minerals with unparallelled health benefits. They can help protect against heart disease and cancer. Each meal should incorporate a piece of fresh fruit or veg. Again, supplements can be found easily for people deficient in a particular nutrient.

Sugar carbohydrates: these are known as empty calories as they contain little other nutrients and turn into fat if they are not worked off. Excessive sugar consumption can lead to dental problems, obesity and diabetes.

An example menu might be low-sugar muesli with nuts, seeds and dried fruit, topped with a banana for breakfast, tuna salad sandwich on whole meal bread and a satsuma for lunch and spaghetti bolognaise, with lean mince for dinner followed by fruit salad.

We only get one body, we ought to treat it with a bit of respect if we want it to last a lifetime.

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