Embracing Visa payWave: Georgia Takes The Lead

Who hasn’t been annoyed to see huge line in front of you at the cash register when you are just waiting to buy one item that even doesn’t cost a lot? And then when it is finally your turn to pay you will clumsily search for the right bills in your wallet. Contrary to the general opinion paying with credit card is not that much faster, because you still need to wait to enter your PIN number or to sign a slip. Wouldn’t it be great that you could do at least that part of shopping more quickly? Luckily, this can be true. Do you know what the Visa payWave is? That is a contactless payment solution based on EMV chip technology, which provides secure and fast transactions. It is being intruded in more and more countries every year. In 2009, Georgia was the 1st country in the CEMEA (Central Europe, Middle East and Africa) region where Visa payWave was introduced.

That means that if you live in Georgia and you have Visa payWave you could just wave with your card when paying for the transactions up to 45 GEL. This is going to make buying and paying a lot easier. Popular merchants in Georgia accepting Visa payWave are McDonald’s, Carrefour and Goodwill. You won’t need to fumble for cash in your wallet any longer when trying to buy a Cheeseburger. Did you know that in the September 2014 Visa payWave experienced a whopping 2746% growth over the previous year? It is hard not to see various benefits of using Visa payWave like speed, convenience and enhanced security. Great thing about using Visa payWave is that card will never leave your hand during the transaction which reduces the risk of fraud. Check out this smart infographic to learn more interesting facts about Visa payWave in Georgia.


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