Follow Professional’s Tips To Lay Hardwood Floors

The Victorians did not like anything about hardwood flooring and therefore, they used to cover their floors with rugs. During 80’s, it was seen that the floors had rugs everywhere from one end to another end of the house. However, hardwood floors have been a great style for last couple of hundred years, so they are worth investing.

Hardwood makes a great flooring option. If your home does not have hardwood floors, you can plan to get it installed. However, in order to get the most out of your flooring option, it is best to have an expert insight on it.

The type of floor you want to install on the area may be affected be affected. Well, if you have electric radiant heat or hot water heat, you can opt for wood flooring. At the same time, you have to lay the floor according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and there where your option is limited to engineered hard wood.

Applications of wood floors

Harder wood flooring such as ash or oak can be the best option for areas like the first floor, family room and kitchen. Whereas third floor is concerned, lighter wood flooring is a good option. Wood is also a great choice for kitchen. But, whereas bathroom is concerned, hardwood flooring does not make a perfect fit since it is always exposed to water. Though kitchen is not without the exposure of moisture wood still can be used as a flooring option. However, whenever there are spills on the floor, clean it right away.

Suggestions: If any minor disaster occurs such as a dishwasher leakage- do not lose your control. Wipe the area as much as you can and dry the place with the fan. The floor may warp due to the moisture. Do not try to put it to right. It will take a few months to dry out and then it gets back to its normal state.

These days, most hard wood floors appear like they have wears and tears. Well, they are kind of finish which is created with polyurethane.

You can also get factory made prefinished floors. Make sure to put a mat both inside and outside of every door and sweep and mop often to protect the finish of the floors.

Tips: While doing renovations, you should consider the health of your family as well as environment. A wood floor is always a green choice since it lasts for more than 200 years.  However, you should make sure that you are making a responsible choice. Therefore, while buying the hardwood planks, check out for the FSC UK label on the wood. This shows that the wood is grown in a sustainable way.

For a green flooring option, salvaged wood makes a great choice. This type of wood floors tends to get its buyers true characters like scraping and holes. Installing this floor options involve more labour. Therefore, seeking an expert help is quite helpful.

Sometimes, maybe you have an existing wood floor but you want a whole new beautiful floor. If your house is old, create a subfloor using plywood. This will strengthen your finished floors above. Therefore, it is essential to make sure your the floor is quite sturdy to support daily traffic.

Your floor needs to be sanded before it is installed. And once it is sanded, it needs to be finished. Whereas finish is concerned, it emits a strong odour. Therefore, you need to cope with this. Since the installation is a labour intensive work, it is better to take the professional’s help. Install it and see how your house looks at its best.

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