We Are Generation Of Idiots, Smart Phones & Dumb People

It is fair to say we are living in an age of Selfishness and self-procrastination, where money is a symbol of Respect and where brands define your Personality. In such day and age, Internet is the first priority and Wi-Fi is similar to oxygen. Research says that Generation Y spends 80% of their time in front of digital screens where a smartphone user checks his/her phone after every 5 seconds.

Although twenty first century is the century of blessings and achievements, the miracles of Science and technology where on the one hand made the life of one’s easier, on the same grounds poses serious threats to the normal routine of Human being, mingled the importance of relations with this fast paced modern world and has truly diminished societal values and community norms.

Relatives and blood relations are remembered on rare occasions once in a year whereas showcasing of love has been done through materialistic gifts, to put it simple; Money has become premier point of concern for everyone leaving behind relations, affections and social norms. And this is not only my opinion, you all do several things in daily life which proves my argument. Here are only some examples:

Parent’s Talking-Children Browsing

This is yet the mostly seen scenario in everyone’s home, even being children you would have experienced it a lot and if you are a parent, I am sorry but I am unable to write your feelings in words. When a parent who has given the prime time of their age in nourishing their children, when the same parents ask for a small chat, the same children who once slept in the lap of them refused to give them some moments of happiness because for them answering the WhatsApp is more important than answering the question of Parent, because for them updating Facebook status is far more relevant than updating the parent’s smile.

Physical Hangouts have become least common

In this age, people prefer to celebrate events on facebook rather than going to meet in person. This is the reason why I see events, Birthdays and Weddings every day on my facebook profile. The culture is booming and people are accepting without thinking as when it comes to Generation X people, it really hurts them as they mostly are in hope you will actually come to them and wish them. But this life of facebook has seriously transformed our way of celebrations.

Online Gifting

Alright, the biggest con of Internet is the least shopping patterns which is why importance of Malls is fainting. Couples who once went to shopping provided them with time to understand each together and give space, Even children were happier bringing gifts with their parents on their Birthdays. But this internet, has again changed the pattern by introducing online payments where your gift or product can be ordered and delivered to your home easily.

Last Food of Thought

To put it in a nut shell, the blessings of Science are many but the consequences which it has posed in our life are way too important to consider at this time. Even things have not gone too far, and it is the ripe moment we should re-prioritized our preferences and organize it properly. Relations and Love are the ever bonded combination, there is no need of any third element in it.

Neither money can add value to it nor can it change perspective of your relations. So, go against the status quo and avoid dumbness, be traditional, make Time your biggest priority; Relation and love needs care and affection, once you give both to your Relations, things will be much different as they are now. No matter if you are parent, children or Husband, Wife or a Friend, try to value your relations and I can assure your personal life would be much satisfying same as your professional life is.

About Author: Hadia Farheen. I manage a web design website in Dubai, you can find more about me there. I am a writer, a technology enthusiast, digital media lover and an executive. You can find more about me at 800wisdom.

Hadia Farheen

Hadia Farheen. I manage a web design website in Dubai, you can find more about me there. I am a writer, a technology enthusiast, digital media lover and an executive. You can find more about me at 800wisdom.

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