Get The Best Out Of Foods With Impossible Foods

I cannot tell you the struggles I have with keeping up with a vegetarian diet, but it’s been a decade now (not without my highs and lows) but I can say I am a proud struggling vegetarian. Now I have been relatively a passive meat eater and going cold turkey was relatively easier for me, but that cannot be said for others who have been hard core meat-eaters and have decided for some reason they want to quit.

Until a few years ago, the only options you could turn to were tofu, paneer or even sietan, but now thanks to the growing number of conscious eaters, the demand for meat free food has risen, seeing a considerable rise in inventors, scientists and chefs coming together to make the best out of the situation. And viola – you get impossible foods, a company that brings together science and nature, trying to give you the best tasting burgers without compromising on taste.

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