Get The Best Performance Sunglasses From Skelmet

Have you ever owned a pair of sunglasses that you have saved for and wanted more than anything in the world, only to realise, once you put it on, that it just doesn’t fit your face. You are not the only one who has had that problem, come to think of it, we all have very unique features and face structure, and to presume that one design or style fits all, is stretching it a bit too far.

The solution to it all – Skelmet, a company that has ingeniously married science with aesthetics, Skelmet uses 3D printing technology to produce custom made sunglasses. All you have to do it scan your face with a mobile app and send it to them. Sunglasses are not all that there is on their agenda, they are geared up for helmets, reading glasses and other sports gear that are built just for you.

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