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In the years gone by, the world of the internet has surely come a long way. The internet is a great place, it helps us keep in touch, it helps us make payments, sort our bills, communicate, stay updated, and much more. It soon became one of the prime mediums for offices all over the world to communicate amongst each other and also amongst themselves. For all those who remember, there was a time when PC to PC sharing created ripples that are still felt in the world of the internet. But while the legality of the whole ordeal may leave many with a bad taste in the mouth, there are other platforms that encourage a very legal and safe way to share, transfer and even make a healthy living out of simple internet exchange of code.

Code today is a crucial part of our digital existence. Given that we do almost everything online – communicate, transfer cash, make payments, receive payments and even work – code is everywhere. So it comes as no surprise, then that if you do want to make a living online, a basic understanding of code it warranted. But what if you are not a code person, does that mean the internet and the online world is no place for a code rookie, the answer to that is ……NO. The internet is for everyone, and if you have a code problem there is a place you can go to – Codester.


When you go to the site, Codester looks like a massive collection of code that is needed to write programs, apps, websites, games etc. while there are many such sites available out there on the internet, what makes Codester stand out is that you have a repository of code wealthy for all sorts of platforms, whether it is WordPress, HTML, Java, Joomla, Windows, Android or iOS, if you have problems with some sort of code, you will find help at Codester. The website is not just for template codes, but it also has a number of codes for plugin, apps, and templates for all platforms. No matter what your code requirement is, you are sure to get it at Codester.

Codester is not just for those working as developers but even entrepreneurs, who are looking for a technical support for their business. Whether it is app development, creating an online game, if you are looking for something new, and not developed you can find help on Codester. Along with being a storehouse for code, it is also a platform for developers, programmers and designers to showcase their work and get hired for projects. If you are unsure about hiring new talent, there are big names like – WooComerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, etc who have also set up shop under the Codester banner. If you are thinking of redoing your entire site, and are looking to hire on multiple levels, Codester can offer help there as well.

But Codester is not just for those who are hiring. It is also a platform for people looking to gain an extra income on the side. Codester has created a place where designers, code developers, gamers, programmers alike can come together and collaborate, work on projects and even make a living out of the whole thing. The internet has affected our lives in ways much more than we realise. This transition, proved pivotal in the way we look at a livelihood today. We no longer look at work as a ‘behind the desk’, ‘in one cubical’ any more. Freelancers, work at home professionals, part timers, who have serious jobs but just work a few times a week, have coloured the recent job landscape.


If you are a freelance programmer, designer or digital architect, Codester offers the perfect opportunity for you to build a clientele collaborate with likeminded people from all over the globe and get the exposure you need. This podium benefits people who are just starting out, doing the freelancing bit at the side, as well as those who are established as independent houses, looking to take up a project. It is the perfect repository for your work to earn you some extra income.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team led by Karan Chopra. Karan is an internet enthusiast, who loves to explore every second thing in both technology and business.

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