How Much Stuff Do You Actually Own?

Every time we get out of our house or an apartment we are surrounded by a variety of things that we want to have. Whether you are walking down the street, or wandering through a shopping centre, surely you will see at least one thing that you want to have. Maybe that will be that perfect red coat that girl walking straight to you is wearing, or maybe her shoes, maybe even a night lamp that you saw with the corner of your eye while you were wandering around the shop. No matter what it is, it is very likely that you will return home with at least one shopping bag in your hand.

In most cases we like that object too much to think about whether we really need it. And in most cases, the truth is that we don’t need it. Unless you are buying chocolate. Then you definitely need it. All joking aside, the truth is that we do own too much stuff. The thing is that when buying something, it is not only about spending your money. With every single thing you buy you will need to think about the space you’ll put it and what you will actually do with it.

Yes, maybe that game was on sale, but do you really need it if you have never played it and probably won’t in the future? If that is true, you will surely pay that game a lot more than it is worth it. The truth is that most of us live in an age of abundance. Not only that we buy and own a lot more stuff than people in the past, but we also own a lot of unnecessary stuff. In this great infographic discover how much the world has changed and what this age of abundance is doing to us.


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