How SEO Will Be Changing in 2015

SEO is continually changing. Brand new up-dates are launched, new trends are talked about and new techniques are created. It really is something that will continuously evolve. In 2014 alone, there have been 13 updates included in Google’s algorithm. These are just the significant and more public types; there are changes and refreshes just about every day behind the scenes.

Mobile Traffic

In 2012 it had been predicted that mobile traffic might surpass desktop traffic in 2014, and this prediction ended up being correct. Google has always declared it feels responsive sites offer the best user experience, and lately started adding a “mobile-friendly” notation alongside sites in mobile search engine results which are indeed mobile friendly.

Brand Building

Changes in the last 2 years already have shifted our perception of basic SEO. We are no longer speaking about just keywords, links and page rank. Rather, we are now discussing content and brand strategy. However building a brand name and publishing top quality content aren’t new ideas, they have always been crucial parts of inbound marketing. So, how come the sudden change in buzz inside the SEO industry? Google’s release of the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates delivered a crystal clear message to website owners and search engine optimization experts. This message? Google will not be tolerating manipulative techniques or content of low-quality in its search results. The outcome? A strategic, high quality content technique grew to become the only real choice to achieve visibility in search results.


Even today, keywords are nearly ineffective to a search engine optimization strategy. Queries are beginning to become more semantically based, which means Google is trying to understand your intention instead of analyzing your keyword choices.

Social Signals

It’s not clear exactly how social signals precisely play into your rank, however in 2015, you may expect those qualifiers to change. There is even anticipation of a huge update — think Penguin or Panda scale — that focuses on social optimizers.

High quality content will still be essential. This is something that the majority of search engine optimization experts agree on. High quality content will still be vital for effective SEO. In an effort to enhance user experience, Google has become stricter concerning the quality of the content on websites. You cannot rely on the loopholes of the past. Sites with high quality content are going to be rewarded by Google. They will consequently notice increased traffic, revenue and business.

Earn Links

Through all the updates as well as algorithm changes through the years one thing remains the same; backlinks are the most influential transmission of authority and trust. This is not likely to change — not in 2015 or at any time soon.

The days of building backlinks on irrelevant sites and blogs and chasing after big amounts of links to play the search engine results are over. Earning just one link on a relevant, high-quality website is actually valuable for several reasons such as attracting referral traffic leads, SEO, sales and brand exposure. Expect conventional SEO and PR to work closer with each other in 2015.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team led by Karan Chopra. Karan is an internet enthusiast, who loves to explore every second thing in both technology and business.

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