How The Millennium Falcon Fits Into Star Wars?

There is hardly a person that has not seen Star Wars film series. Even if you weren’t attracted by the storyline, you have surely watched at least one movie to see why is everybody else obsessed by it. This amazing film series has been attracting the attention of viewers for decades because of the incredible film story and mystery that surrounds it. Isn’t it amazing how we had to wait 20 years to find out what did in fact led to the events we know from the first film? This incredible order of making the films woke up the interest even in those viewers who are not fans of science fiction. It is no wonder that the Star Wars managed to gain so many viewers. Who would not want to know amazing story behind the movies we already love? Neither one part of both trilogies did disappoint its fans because all of them have given us the hours of fun and thrilling action.

Certainly there are many parts of the film series that caught your attention. One of these attention grabbing parts are surely the Millennium Falcon and its amazing Captain Han Solo. The scene that showed a hairy Chewbacca was enough to attract your attention, let alone the amazing role that this ship had in the saving of the galaxy. Did you know that the Han Solo refused to participate in the attack on Death Star? This has left all his fans disappointed. Luckily, this unexpected hero had a change of heart and decided to help in saving the galaxy. He joined the attack and soon the Death Star was destroyed. There are many other scenes in the movies in which the Millennium falcon proves its worth. Check out this interesting infographic to discover the role of this great ship in all the Star Wars movies.

How the Millennium Falcon fits into Star Wars

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