How To Control Your Genes

Each day we learn something new. Most things we now know as a fact were impossible in the past. Who would’ve ever guessed we would be able to cure all those diseases that once were considered incurable? Those days common cold was difficult disease, and now we cure it in the privacy of our home with hot tea and honey. This is all possible thanks to the hard working scientists who try to make our world better place to live. They have managed to discover various things that have significantly improved the quality of our lives. Now it is up to us to use all their knowledge to our benefit.

But, we still believe that they can’t help us with some things. Our genes are here to stay, and we can’t do anything about them. But, contrary to the popular opinion, this is not exactly true. There is a new science in town. Epigenetics researches all the inheritable changes that can occur, but without changing the actual DNA. That means that we can do something to influence our genes. Did you know that drinking and smoking can switch off the tumour suppressing genes whose job is to stop tumours? Is that really a way you want to treat you genes? They try to stop cancer, and you are not letting them.

Even though we are just beginning to understand how this is possible, we already know what can help us with that. Environmental factors, like diet and stress, affect our epigenome which is why we need to make healthy and stress-free decisions.  You don’t have to lead a stressful life; you just need to find a way to treat and manage it. Meditation and yoga can really help you with that. With the help of this interesting infographic find out more about how we can control our genes.

How to Control Your Genes Infographic

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