How To Convince Your Significant Other

When you are on the road, nothing compares to riding a bike, the wind in your hair, the thrill of going at 60 km per hour and the sheer horse power that you are sitting on, nothing really compares to a bike. May be that’s why lots of people have it on their bucket list to own one in their lifetime. But for some unknown reason owning a bike also comes with its own reservation. Whether it is your partner who wants to finally give into his/her teenage dream or its your grown up college son/ daughter who wants to “roam the country on road”, you as a responsible parent and partner would rather buy them a four wheeler than a motorised cycle -I get where you come from.

And if you are the demanding a motorcycle, you have a lot of convincing to do. It is not easy buying dangerous and somewhat extravagant toy for your loved one, so I suggest you do your homework. The amount of time you put in to research the bike you are lusting after, try and put in those many hours preparing your partner for the new arrival. This info graphic has a few guidelines to help you out, but you need to be creative and think out of the box for this one.

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