Meet uAvionix, The True Live Flight Avoidance for Drones

As our skies get crowded with more and more drones becoming airborne, the risks of flying are also on the rise. Smaller unmanned aircraft can pose serious risks to commercial aircrafts carrying passengers and goods. Thankfully, uAvionix has multiple ADS-B products on the market that not only make tracking your drone easier but also makes skies a lot more safer.

With a series of ranging from a USB sized device to a full range ADS-B transceiver that weighs just 20 grams, uAvionix ensures that all arcraft, manned or unmanned, can now be put on the global radar and flight information exchanged with the slightest of human intervention. With FAA, NASA, Nac Canada and other aviation authorities as its partner, uAvionix is ensuring that our skies remain safer everywhere.

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