How To Ship Your Product The Correct Way

In today’s world, fewer and fewer businesses and companies are actually manufacturing something. We all seem to be involved in a vicious circle of marketing, selling, reselling and consuming. Of course, this is not the reality. In reality, there are plenty of small and medium-sized businesses that manufacture actual, physical objects and products or who provide services that yield a resulting, physical object of some kind.

In case you run a business of such sort, either manufacturing something, modifying, or even selling a product that you purchased wholesale, there is one thing that you need to know how to do. You need to know how to ship this product to ensure it is delivered properly and that your reputation stays intact. This is something you simply have to take into consideration if you wish your brand to remain strong.

Consider the packaging

Not all products can be shipped in the same way, even if you have all the money in the world to spend on shipping. Simply put, there is not a single shipping method that work for every single case and every single product.

For example, the product that you are having delivered to your end customer may be a particularly heavy and bulky object, like a large piece of machinery, or a motorcycle, or something like that. You cannot put such an object in a plastic pallet and expect it to be delivered easily and safely. You will need something along the lines of sturdy, resilient steel cages that will not bend under the weight.

Perhaps you need to ship something that needs to be aired constantly or that needs to be inspected along the way. In such cases, you will probably be better off with wooden crates that will allow the object to “breathe” and that will not require unpacking every time someone needs to check it, e.g. for customs, additional work on the object, etc.

Consider the distance

There are various methods of shipping a product depending on the distance it needs to travel. For example, if we are talking about distances of only a few hundred miles or less, a truck company will probably be the easiest and the most affordable option. For longer distances on the same continent, there is nothing cheaper and more convenient than shipping it by train.

If you need to have your product shipped across the sea to another continent, you have two distinct choices – by air or by sea. Shipping a large load via air is going to be very, very expensive. On the other hand, it is safe and it is quick. If you decide to ship it by sea, you are dramatically reducing your costs, but you will also need to give it some time.

Work only with the best

It goes without saying that you will need and want to ensure that you product is delivered on time and without any damage done to it. Unfortunately, there are plenty of shipping companies out there which are unprofessional and which do not really care about most of their loads. You need to stay away from such companies.

You will want to ensure that every involved in the shipping of your product, from the people who package it to those who transport it, are reputable and that they have a spotless track record. IF you need to pay a bit more just to be sure, do it.

If you do not and if you have to start explaining to your customers and clients why the product they paid for is two months late and dented and dinked, you will lose face, your brand will suffer and you will start losing money.

About Author: James D. Burbank is an experienced marketing professional who has been everywhere and seen everything. He knows about brands and being smart about your business. He is also a die-hard Utah Jazz fan.

James Burbank

James D. Burbank is an experienced marketing professional who has been everywhere and seen everything. He knows about brands and being smart about your business. He is also a die-hard Utah Jazz fan.

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  • Hariesh Manaadiar

    Shipping can become a very complex and complicated process if proper care is not taken or proper procedures are not followed, especially if you are importing or exporting for the first time.. And as James has mentioned above, there are several unscrupulous people within the industry..

    But fear not, there are some very good tips for first time exporters or importers on the safeguards that need to be taken..