Staying Safe After Unprotected Sex

Before anyone starts casting stones, let’s face facts – the odds are that, despite everything your doctor told you, you’ll have had unprotected sex. We’ve all heard the risks of unsafe sex – from unwanted pregnancies to dangerous sexually transmitted infections (STIs) – but sometimes even the best laid plans can go awry.

In the UK, STIs are rising across all age groups, as is the abortion rate. According to Public Health England figures, STI diagnoses were up by 5% in 2012, with those under 25 experiencing the highest rates – accounting for 64% of chlamydia cases. A similar Stonewall study found that while less than half of lesbian or bisexual women had ever had a sexual health check-up, 50% of those who had been screened had an STI.

Whether the condom slipped off, broke or it was simply naiveté, it’s important not to panic – there’s always help at hand in the event of a mishap. If you’ve had unprotected sex and feel like there’s cause for concern, don’t stick your hand in the sand – the sooner you take action, the easier it is prevent or treat any complications.

In this infographic, Lloyds Pharmacy offers a simple, embarrassment-free guide to staying safe after unprotected sex. Beginning with a symptom checker, it moves on to discuss the prevalence – and associated risks – of unprotected sex while offering some simple tips in order to stay safe.

Accidents do happen, and it’s not the end of the world if something does go wrong. But prevention is always the best cure, so next time: try to make sure you and your partner are doing it safely.


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