The Anatomy Of A Perfect Checkout Page

E-commerce is a growing business. More and more shops find their place in the vastness of the Internet. By using this great advantage of the modern world of technology shops do not have to wait for potential customers but they can draw them to the shop themselves. Thanks to the big grasp of the Internet by having e-commerce site they can reach a lot more customers than if they only have a physical store. Shops no longer have to be limited by the size of the neighbourhood, the city or even state. Every person with access to the Internet will be able to find their products. Isn’t that great?

Potential clients often just accidentally wander on the web store site but they can quickly become loyal customers. But to make this happen to your online store you must do all you can to attract but also to maintain these potential customers. Did you know that 68% of all e-commerce visitors abandon their shopping cart? What do you think how many times has this happened in your online store? Even one time is one time too many. Learn how to prevent that from happening with the help of this great infographic.

There are many different reasons why this is happening, but checking out process is definitely one of the most important. To achieve the best results you need to find a way to merge functionality, usability, security and design of checking out process. One great thing you can implement is Prefill option. Make sure the input fields set to ‘autofill’ and request postcodes first to help find address details. This will really make shopping easier for the new, but also for the regular customers. Nobody wants to waste a lot of time filling in the forms. Get more excellent tips on creating perfect check out page in this great infographic.


The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team led by Karan Chopra. Karan is an internet enthusiast, who loves to explore every second thing in both technology and business.

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