The Rise Of The Dash Cam And How To Pick The Right One

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of dash cams. The Internet is full of videos that show us interesting moments captured with these cameras. We have watched it all; from the meteor crash in Chelyabinsk, silly situations in traffic to police officer who enthusiastically sings the hit Taylor Swift. These situations have impressed and even astonished us and best of all they have made us laugh. However, these cameras have a more important function than making us laugh.

Their primary role is to be assistance to drivers. They are additional witness in car accidents that never tell lies. This way they are helping drivers and the police to find out who the real culprit is without long lasting investigations. You just need to play the video and all questions will be answered. These cameras are necessary in Russia because of dangerous driving conditions. In Russia road traffic death rate per 100,000 people is 18.6 which is enormous difference compared to 3.7 in UK. It is no wonder why they have gained the greatest popularity there. Additional help is always welcome.

But that is not the only reason. One of the potential dangers in Russia and around the world is the growing prevalence of “crash for cash” criminals, who stage accidents to receive insurance pay-outs. Did you know that in UK 1.9% of all insurance claims are fraudulent? These numbers are even higher in US where 21% of auto-injury claims are believed to go to fraudsters. Now just imagine how many of these frauds could be prevented at the beginning if the drivers had the dash cam. Lot of people would have a lot less stress in their life, and a lot more money. Find out more interesting facts about dash cams in this interesting infographic and get best advices for picking the perfect one.
The Rise of the Dashcam

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