How Are Websites Used As A Marketing Tool?

Every business can benefit from using their website as a marketing tool. If the website looks visually pleasing and is easy to navigate, it invites new customers to be informed of what you have to offer them. Your website is an essential tool in your marketing strategy as it can reaches consumers and businesses nationally and internationally in a cost effective way.  You can use your website to advertise to new or existing customers by engaging them in your profession or products through a successful and appealing website. You need to pin point what you want your website to do for you and your customer, and then let the creativity flow!

Before developing or improving your website, make sure you understand exactly who you are wishing to reach and what you are hoping to achieve. If you’re main priority is to attract new customers then a way to gain maximum exposure is to promote your company website on large search engines. Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps get your website to the top of searches for example onGoogle. This is really helpful in creating a starting point for customers to find you, making it easier for them to source you.

You want your website to serve as a branding tool. You want to stand out from the crowd and really make an imprint on the browser, so that they feel inclined to consume in your product. Everyone is using their website as a marketing tool, what makes you different? Think out of the box, but always stay true to your business and what you’re about. Remain professional, but don’t be afraid to be creative and alternative!

Also, you want your website to enhance your image. You want it to look visually pleasing, and it needs to reflect the true basis of what you’re about. If you’re a digital design agency, you need to be looking fresh and up to date with the latest design trends. On the other hand, if you’re a solicitor company you want to look professional, yet friendly and approachable, getting the right balance between the formal and informal.

You also want your website to beeasy to navigate around so it’s approachable and inviting for the customer. Don’t over crowd your website either, only use long pieces of text where necessary and important. The customer will be put off by a wall of text, they want to be intrigued to carry on through your website, so pull them in gradually with less text and more visual experiences.

None-the-less, you want to educate people about your business and what you have to offer. Introduce your business from the beginning, through simple text accompanied by visuals to compliment and define your business features. You can also use the website to improve your customer service and provide information and contact details online.

You want your website to successfully convey your products and services. Using your website as a marketing tool through images and content, you will capture the customers attention and lead them to partake in your services. The website for a new customer is like meeting someone new, first impressions count. You want to make it clear what you’re about. You can use it to keep your customers up to date with news about your business or product launches also.

The website design and content should be a true reflection of your brand identity and business image. You want to make sure it looks professional and appealing. Complex design is worthwhile if it suits your image and business goals. It is important that your customers are able to navigate around the website quickly, to ensure they don’t lose interest.

This is doable if your information is laid out clearly with straightforward access to all the websites components.  When considering your content you need to be reminded of your marketing objectives. To encourage visitors to come back regularly, then feature regular updates. This way the customer knows to check back, and therefor bringing more traffic to your website and creating a rapport with that customer. Inform visitors of your updates via a friendly email inviting them to re-visit your site.

About Author: Pearl Whitehead is an experienced writer working for Cefar, a digital design agency based in Leeds, UK.

Pearl Whitehead

Pearl Whitehead is an experienced writer working for Cefar, a digital design agency based in Leeds, UK.

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