Why Culture Shock Is Good For You?

Leaving your home always is a stressful experience. You are leaving everything familiar and moving away to gain new experiences. Leaving your home is difficult enough when you are just moving in a different neighbourhood or even another town, but it gets a lot harder when you are going to another country. Not only that you are leaving your family and friends but everything you get used to. That can be overwhelming for everybody, which is why a lot of people are afraid to take this major step. But, moving away can also be an amazing experience that can make your life better.

Moving away is life transforming experience and there is a chance you’ll experience culture shock. All travellers, expats and exchange students know that confusing and nervous feeling they get when they land in different and unfamiliar culture. Everything can cause the culture shock from strange climate, food, language, behaviour or even the way they dress. You will feel sad, anxious, frustrated, homesick, and you’ll desperately want to go home. And you’ll feel all these feelings at the same time. Sometimes it can be so hard that you’ll immediately want to jump on the next plane home. But you have to remember that this happens to everybody, and that it gets better.

No matter how stressful or hard this experience can be, it can be amazing. Experiencing culture shock doesn’t have to be a negative thing, actually it can be good for you. After you go through the stage of adjustment, you will be surprised how grateful you’ll be for this experience. Not only that you’ll learn how to live in that new culture, but maybe you’ll even start feeling like a part of it. After you get through this stage, your whole view of this experience will change. Discover benefits of culture shock in this interesting infographic.


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