Working Towards The New American Dream

As the world changes the American dream is being redefined. Once upon a time everybody wanted their American dream to be a steady job, big house and two and the half kids.  A bonus would be to have two cars in the garage instead of only one. This has changed. Their children no longer share this dream with them. They still want to be successful and happy but they want to achieve that by doing meaningful work and not by suffering on boring and unfulfilling jobs. They dream about working in high quality conditions and under good management. Who wants to waste their time on the job where they need to deal with bad work atmosphere and without good leadership?

The American Dream was all about hard work and promise of happiness. Today, people want more, at least in the form of fulfilment. What does the meaningful work mean for them? It needs to be straightforward, structured and satisfying. It is important to properly understand your role in the organization and what exactly is expected from you on your job. Nothing is more stressful than working in the workplace where your role is not defined and where you constantly unsure about your tasks and responsibilities.

They no longer think everything is about seeking fame and fortune, far more people now believe that having passion for your work and being treated with respect is the new American Dream. For a lot of people respectful treatment is more important than salary. They want to be properly paid for the work they are doing and even more to be treated with the respect and to be appreciated. Who would want to come in the workplace where the atmosphere is horrible and every day is more stressful than the previous one? In this helpful infographic you will find out how you can work toward your new American Dream.


The Editorial Team

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