14 Furniture Arranging Tricks That Will Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Living in a small house that is limited by space can be really frustrating. Even though you are happy to have a place of your own, you would be even happier if it doesn’t look so cramped. Small spaces can be cosy and private, and you don’t have to feel like you live in a shoe box. You just need to know proper design tricks that will help you to bring out the most in it. Follow these great tips and you will be able to visually expand any room in your home.

Because of that you need to be extra careful when buying furniture. You don’t want to choose a piece that will turn an already small space into the smaller one. This means that you need to forget about an extra-large bed that will take all the space in your bedroom, unless you want to browse through your closet while lying on the bed. You need to create enough space between the bed and the rest of the furniture. You don’t want to buy a piece that is too big because that will immediately make the space feel even smaller.

When decorating a small room you should always try to use mirrors. By placing them strategically, you will extend a room because they will reflect light and brighten the room. You will be surprised how well does this trick work.  This is also the reason why you should pick glass tables and Lucite chairs. Not only that will look amazing but that will also give the room an airy feel and amplify the light. Check out this interesting infographic to discover how can you use furniture to your advantage and make any room feel bigger.


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