24 Hours With Greater Manchester Police: The lost, The Found And The Weird

Police Officers have to do a tough job every day. This job is not only hard physically, but also mentally. Can you imagine exposing yourself to dangers every day to ensure the safety of their fellow citizens? It is indeed a heavy burden that they have to carry every day. Surely you are not familiar with even half a situation where the swift and successful reaction of brave police offices has made your life a lot easier. They often even do not receive an acknowledgment for the hard work they do. Is not that terrible? They certainly deserve our respect.

Fortunately, all the situations with which our brave police officers face are not always dangerous and scary. Truth is that they can sometimes be very funny and entertaining. Greater Manchester Police has decided to share some of these fun but also weird moments with us. They have tweeted all calls received within a 24-hour period on October 14th 2014. Among 2,560 calls that were received that day several of them will surely make you laugh your heart out. After you find out with which our brave police officers have to deal every day, you will begin to look at them with new respect.

You certainly would not know what to do during some of these situations. What would you do if someone calls you reporting that man is missing? Of course, you would organize a search. But what to do when you discover that the missing person is actually in jail? Somebody was worried enough to call the police and you need to tell them the person they are looking for is actually in prison. Not an easy job, at all. Best of all, this is not even one of the funniest things that happened that day. Read more funny calls they have received in this amusing infographic.

24 hours with Greater Manchester Police The lost the found and the weird

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