Around The World In 15 Snacks

There are many different countries and cultures on our little blue planet. And these differences are exactly what makes our world a special place. Just imagine how boring the world would be if there are no different cultures or any other distinctions. We would all live in a bland and dull place without any excitement left. Luckily, we won’t even have to imagine living in that kind of world because we are happy enough to live in this exciting and versatile place.

There are so many differences among various countries and cultures, and in most cases the food is the most important one. Every country has some special authentic meals which are their pride and joy. There is no person from that country that doesn’t know how to make it, unless they want to become a national disgrace. From authentic drinks, desserts, main meals to snacks, each country has some meal they are proud of. Luckily, we live in this connected world that gives us the chance to try all these meals and to experience all these different cultures. Is there anything better than having the possibility to just stroll through the town and try meals that come from different cultures and enjoy a variety of tastes?

When it comes to snacks, the story is no different. They also vary considerably from culture to culture and from country to country. In this interesting infographic, you will find out which are the some of the most interesting and the most delicious snacks that you can find in countries around the world. Discover all about the Biltong from South Africa, Currywurst from Germany or even about Vada pav from India and decide which one of them you want to try first. One thing we know for sure is that you won’t go wrong no matter what snack from the list you choose.


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