Branding A to B

While at first thought one can think branding either as website creation, social media page creation and so on… but what if we say to you that for us branding means to let your brand grow to huge heights with just the help of the right words (i.e. the contents). The content which can either be just news, a review, a sharing about your new product launch and etc etc.

How The Process Works?

1 We start with understanding your requirements like what you are actual aiming at as some of you potentially looking onto just for reviews, and other wish to share about their new product launches or some only urges to just share news.

2 Once we knows well that what you are looking onto, we start discussing the possible placement options (depends on what your proposed budget is).

3 On finalizing of things, we will mail you up the invoice and will ask you to confirm the order by making payments (starts at $149 per placement only, all payments are upfront, so please don’t ask us for payment after article publish option).

4 Once we have received your payment, we will work towards preparing the content piece and once the content is ready; we will share first with you for your review. Once you are fine with it, we will make it published on your selected placement option(s).

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