Essential Outdoor Furniture For 2015 And Beyond …

Let’s face it, the furniture you choose will make or break you outdoor space.

It’s the difference between a space that’s inviting and eye-catching and one that quite simply fails to inspire.

So making the correct choices is critical.

And the best choices are made by well-informed people.

So why not let us give you the benefit of our experience with a few insights into what’s trendy, what to look out for in 2015.

Choices, choices, choices …

Outdoor Rattan:

A very popular choice.

Particularly as there is such a wide variety of designs on the market in array of different, eye-catching colours and weave styles.

Specifically, we find Cube Sets a very popular option – they have a highly contemporary feel with straight lines and plentiful seating.

And, the ‘Cube’ design itself means the seating slides all the way under the table when not in use, offering a consistently neat and contemporary appeal.

Outdoor Day Beds are a great way to add style and luxury to your patio area and, again, these come in a massive variety of styles and colours from the classic to the contemporary.

Corner Units are also more and more popular in modern markets with some stunning examples available if you’re willing to look hard enough.

Again there are a number of designs with Corner Chaise Sets offering luxury appeal and modular units allowing the buyer to make bespoke sets to fit their particular space.

Water Hyacinth

Definitely a rising trend in modern markets.

The weave tends to be a lot thicker than rattan and braided for more dramatic appeal to designs that focus more on curved lines and deep, high-backed seating.

Word of warning

You need to ensure that any set you buy is tightly woven, preferably by hand, and that the rattan itself has been tested to ensure long lasting usability in terms of its suitability for use across a wide range of outdoor temperatures, its resistance to UV rays and the likelihood of colour-fading over time.

Reclaimed Timber

The buying public in general are becoming more and more environmentally conscious all the time and this extends to furniture markets as well.

As a result of this we find that, where wood is concerned, the popularity of reclaimed furniture is definitely on the increase.

This is understandable when you consider some of the fine examples that are on offer.

Reclaimed teak has to be one that stands out more than any other.

The best examples here are hand-crafted overseas and are finished to such high specifications that they have a wonderfully rustic and bespoke appeal that’s unique to the particularly crafts people responsible for the design.

Word of warning

Again, it is worth hunting around to spot the quality and remember, it is better to pay slightly more for something that will last and look great for years to come over something that will last one season and then fail and need replacing.

Hand finished items will usually be finished with mortice and tenon joints as opposed to the all too familiar bolted construction.


Moulded outdoor sets have also shown a rise in popularity over recent months and you see some truly unique designs emerging.

Good examples include picnic sets with a highly contemporary feel that are moulded to look like timber and other natural materials.

These tend to be moulded from glass reinforced concrete or recycled plastic and their unusual character tends to make for great talking point.

Engraved Benches

These really stand out and make a statement outdoors, often being used as a focal point in the garden to remember loved ones,sorely missed pets, special events or treasured places.

There is some state-of-the-art technology out there nowadays that is capable of achieving amazing detail and even 3D Engraving if you find the right retailer.

About Author: Phil works at Garden Furniture Centre which sells high quality outdoor furniture to commercial and domestic premises. Their portfolio of previous clients includes The Tower of London, St Andrews Golf Course and the Royal Ballet School to name  a few.

Phil Aston

Phil works at Garden Furniture Centre which sell high quality outdoor furniture to commercial and domestic premises. Their portfolio of previous clients includes The Tower of London, St Andrews Golf Course and the Royal Ballet School to name a few.

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