Gaming Trends Of 2015

It may not bein the forefront most of the times, but we all know too well, that the internet, is filled with online games that can help bust those lousy afternoons in the library or the office, where you just want something apart from the usual Facebook or Twitter. For those who like quick loading action or arcade games, there is always but if you like Roulette or Blackjack or slots, is the site to visit.

While 2014 was a good year for the gaming industry it didn’t see any surprises on offer. With the year 2015, we are hoping to see some really big offerings that may just change the way we game. Here is what we expect 2015 to bring to the gaming scenario.

Online gambling and casino

The internet has changed the way we functionand embracing that change seems to be the way ahead. And nothing fits this more than the casino industry. Offering resistance in the beginning, the casino and gambling industry were wary of dabbing their toes into the vast pool of the internet. But ever since they’ve taken that leap of faith, the online casino and gambling gaming industry has not looked back. After going through several pit falls, it seems as though the online casino industry is here to stay and is going to, in the years to come, play a vital part in revenue sharing. Predictions are that by 2017, online gambling sites and casino games, will mount up to 30% of the total internet gaming revenue.

The gamer is getting older, and the crowd more diverse

This year will see more women players in the gaming circle. There is a slow but steady shift towards gender equality in gaming. As of 2014 trends, the percentage of women who were gamers was 47% while the men accounted for the rest 53 %. This number has increased by a steady one percent for the women, meaning that there is a consistent rise in the number of women playing games. While this is tipping towards the 50 – 50 marks, the sales in games have already seen the split in the middle with 50 percent male and 50 percent females, buying video games. This shift may also translate to the gaming scene as well, don’t be surprised if in a few years, women take over as the majority in gaming altogether.

While at the forefront there may be an equal number of men and women enjoying a game, behind the scenes however, it is very different.While 76 percent of the game developing task force consist of men, 24 percent are women. While this number seems to be increasing considerably as well, it would be nice to see a little more diversity there too, taking into consideration the recent Gamergate controversy.

Speaking about averages, the age of the gamer, with passing years, seems to have increased as well; taking the average age to 31. While games are aging with each passing year, it is safe to assume that the people playing with it are also aging, and are still avid fans of the game.

The rise of mobile gaming

It had been predicted that mobile gaming revenue would soon outshine gaming consoles, and 2015 is the fateful year that might happen. In 2014 alone, the mobile gaming industry collected a revenue of $25 billion in sales, which is double to what the figures where the year before that. This number is only going to increase, with the release of smart phones and tablets.

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