Getting Internet Gaming Bonus Using Android Gaming Tablets

Online casino today have become the ultimate way to unwind and to most game lovers and players out there, all thanks goes to the furiously fast advancing technology of our time. Unlike the recent past years, to be able to enjoy your favorite slot game you needed to wait for your vacation or long weekend to travel all the way to Vegas or to you best casino. Times have changed and Vegas have come to your fingertips. With a few quick click on your Smartphone, tablet or smartwatch you can now access Vegas at home. You are able to access world best online casinos through your smart gadgets.

One of the popular smart gadgets for this is the tablet. The tables come with a wider screen hence good visibility of the games you intend to play and are flexible in terms of a touch screen making it easy to play. There is no doubt that the tablet works like an ordinary computer where you can still go online and logon to the casinos online to access variety of games. However, the table makes the games available anytime, anywhere more easily. You may be traveling or in the office or at home. With a tablet, you can unwind with your most favorite slot game.

The advantages that come with using the tablet to access your online casino is the ability to take the opportunity of casino promotions and bonuses. One may ask, what is a casino bonus? Well, it is form of online casino promotion, which offers new players money to open a new gambling account. With the ability of accessing online casinos through the tablet, the chances of getting bonuses to open a gaming account give you a chance to play with real money.


Royal Vegas mobile casino is one of the best website that provides casino games easily played using a gaming tablet and offer an incredible range of casino bonuses for every new account. The renowned and trusted royal Vegas also offers tips of the best androids gaming tablets which will give a player the best graphic feel of the game and make the game as exciting as it supposed to be.

Some of The top 3 best Android gaming tablets to use when gaming includes –

Sony Xperia Z4

It is called an all round 5.0.2 android tablet for is comes with multiple functionalities including gaming. When using the Sony Xperia Z4 for online casino gaming, one stands a chance of experiencing a super –light and thin portable tablet, smooth game plays with crystal clear graphics on it 10.1-inch screen. The Sony Xperia Z4 full color and sharpness make the gaming experience close to real as possible.

The Amazon fire HDX 8.9

The Amazon fire HDX 8.9 is one of the highest rate gaming tablets of the 21st century. It support lots of online casino games with extremely high definition graphics. It is a great tablet for the whole family to use. It is known for its fast speed since it houses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 system-on-a-chip. Casino games are limited by the Google play App. however; casino games are launched fast and perform well from the casino site directly. It is lightweight of bout 290g with a favorable 6-inch gaming sharp screen

The Google Nexus 9

The latest from Google, The Google Nexus 9, now is rocking the gaming world for it unique powerful performance and a sleek design. It is preferred by most online casino players for it supremacy in graphic performance. It a tablet that provided an 8-9 inch slate screen, running on android 5.0 and built for speed performance. Just perfect for all your online casino games

However, not all tablets are fashioned for online gaming therefore when interested in taking advantage of the incredible casino bonuses; choose the best gaming tablet to make your first experiences, unforgettable.

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