How To Keep Your Kids Safe On A Smartphone

How can you teach your children to use smartphones safely? It’s a question that many parents find themselves thinking about a lot, as the next generation are the first tech-natives – surrounded by smartphones, tablets and laptops from an early age.

Your kids might think their smartphone is an amazing toy – allowing them to talk to friends, play games or share a near-endless supply of cat videos. But the internet can be a dangerous place for kids, and all those apps mean your kids could learn about those risks the hard way.

This helpful infographic from the folks at Pumpic, a new parental control mobile monitoring app, offers great tips on how to keep your kids safe on their smartphone. Rather than depriving your kid of their gadgets, teach your kids about safe internet habits so that theyknow how to stay safe.

Parents should brush up on the games their kids are playing. A quick Google search will uncover hundreds of angry parents who’ve been stung by hefty bills of $700 or more after their kids have made “in app purchases” while playing games.

Freemium games like Candy Crush Saga are free to download but when your kids want to explore new areas or obtain better weapons for their character, they can often buy them with a single slick.

Apple was embarrassed by a mob of angry parents demanding their money back aftertheir kids made purchases without their consent. Before 2011, Apple’s in-app purchases didn’t require authentication for up to fifteen minutes after entering the password. By restricting in-app purchases, you can save your wallet from any nasty surprises.

For more advice on how to ensure you kids use their smartphones safely, check out the rest of the infographic below.

How to Keep Your Kid Safe On A Smartphone

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