How To Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer?

Have you ever noticed how little it takes to brighten someone’s day? You just need to give them a bouquet of flowers and you will how fast a smile will light up their face. It is amazing how these delicate wonders of nature can do so much. They can turn even the most horrible days into better ones. They can mean a lot of different things, sometimes they are a sign of attention, humble apology, gratitude, appreciation, or they are used to express wishes for getting better.  No matter what you want to say, there is no better way to do it than by flowers. The best thing about flowers is that the bouquet does not even have to be expensive to be amazing. Even the ordinary wild flowers you pick yourself can be enough to make someone happy and appreciated.  You can even treat yourself with a bouquet and brighten your day. Flowers do not lose their charm if you buy it yourself.

Unfortunately, fresh flowers can never last forever and it will begin to wilt after a short time. It is a terrible feeling to watch how this wonderful symbol of attention decays. But, although you cannot hold your flowers fresh forever you can still do a few tricks to make them last longer. Discover great tips that will help you make your floral arrangement decorate your house longer than ever. Did you know that you can preserve them with hairspray? You just need to remove flowers from vase and spray – holding can several inches away, lightly spray the petal undersides. Hang flowers upside down to dry before returning to vase. Try this interesting trick and you will be able to enjoy fresh flowers several days longer than usually. Find out more great tips for keeping flowers fresh in this excellent infographic.


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