Natural Skin Care: Peaches And Tomatoes

What is a good beauty product? Is it an all new, expensive and revolutionary thing advertized by the most beautiful models out there? Well, we won’t be so rude to reply with a big “No” to this question, since there are many expensive and revolutionary beauty products that can do wonders for your skin and hair. However, the real answer to the question above isn’t a big “Yes” either – the truth is, a good beauty product can be rather cheap and not all that revolutionary.

A beautiful saying as per the article written by Sylvie Dubois suggests us that some of your basic kitchen supplies can be a real treat for your skin and hair. Now it’s time to expand this list. It’s time to learn that a fruit or a vegetable can be just as beneficial for you as an expensive skin cream.

Whenever you see a zit showing its ugly face on what used to be your flawless skin, what is your first response? Most likely you’ll want to cleanse your face with some rather aggressive products. We have to admit that such products are not necessarily a bad idea. However, if your skin is sensitive, this kind of treatment can easily irritate it. You see, a zit can sometimes be just a call for help. So, instead of giving your face this kind of “tough love” treatment, you can try pampering it. How should you do it? By giving it all the nutrients it actually needs. And how can you do that?

The answer is simpler, and most likely closer, than you imagined. Destination: your fridge.


Before deciding to burn the zit with some aggressive product, take one single peach and mash it.
After you’ve mashed it, apply it on your face. Since peaches are very soft and gentle to your skin, you can cover the area around your eyes as well, you won’t risk irritating them. Once you’ve applied the mashed peach, wait until it’s dried. It will most likely get dry less than 5 minutes.

Now, rinse it with warm water, and then wash your face as you normally do. This simple treatment is so nutritious that you won’t even have to apply face cream afterwards. Repeat this treatment once a day for several days to get rid of zits. And since this treatment is not aggressive, you can do it every day without irritating your skin.

You can also use mashed peaches as a hair conditioner for dry hair, but be warned: the pieces of the fruit may get tangled in your hair, so you’ll need to rinse your hair thoroughly to make sure you get rid of it. However, there’s no harm in that either, since thorough rinsing is good for your hair anyway.


Unlike peaches that tend to be soft and gentle to your skin, tomatoes are more in line with the tough love treatment mentioned above. However, just because you shouldn’t use them on your skin every day, it doesn’t mean you should avoid them altogether.

Even though tomatoes are nutritious (just like any other fruit or vegetable) their main role in natural skin care is the deep cleansing of your pores. The process is basically the same as the process with a mashed peach: mash one tomato, apply it on your skin and wait until it’s dry.

As far as the area around your eyes is concerned, some caution is advised – don’t go too near or you risk irritating the skin around your eyes. Unlike you did with a mashed peach, you won’t have to check to see if it’s dry – you’ll know that it is, even without touching it, because you’ll start feeling a slight burning sensation. Once you feel that it burns, wash your face as you normally do, and apply a moisturizing cream afterwards.

When it comes to hair care, there’s room for tomatoes too. If your hair is greasy, after you’ve washed it, rinses it with the juice you got from mashing tomatoes. This juice will make your hair squeaky clean and silky.
You should also keep in mind that a tomato can work wonders with skunk odor. Even though an encounter with a skunk is probably not a part of your daily routine, if you ever do run into one, and you can’t get rid of its odor afterwards, go for tomato juice and you won’t go wrong.

This article was nothing more than a glimpse into Mother Nature’s beauty cabinet, but we hope it helped you learn something new. To make things plain and simple, it’s enough to say that everything that’s healthy to be eaten is good and healthy as a beauty product as well. However, as you learned while reading this article, not all fruits and vegetables out there have the same properties, and articles like this one will help you educate yourself on your journey through the amazing world of natural beauty care.

About Author: Milica is an amateur writer (aspiring to become more than just an amateur), who loves movies, books and travel. When she’s not doing any of the above, she’s most likely daydreaming about it.

Milica Brankovic

Milica is an amateur writer (aspiring to become more than just an amateur), who loves movies, books and travel. When she's not doing any of the above, she's most likely daydreaming about it.

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