The Ultimate Guide To Safe Sex

Sex can be a touchy feely subject; whether it is sex education in school, or locker room talk, the more you get educated on it, the better it is for you. Curiosity about sex hits in relatively early, and by the time you are in college you have had a couple of partners. On an average males seem to have a younger sexual encounter- 16.9 years as compared to females 17.4, with millennial having sex 112 times a year on an average.  If you are not in a monogamous relationship, and if abstinence is not a viable option, it is best that you keep a handy guidebook of safe sex with you for reference. Sex is great, but if you not on the lookout, you may end up with a few regrets, which may put a dent in your style. We suggest this great infographic that lists out all the dos and don’ts about sex.

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