World’s Costliest Engineering Mistakes

Often at work, we come across mistakes of our co workers and try to hide them from the boss. Sometimes good sense prevails and we correct them but at times mistakes are ignored only to bite us a back much later. What is the worst you expect to happen if you misplace a decimal point by a single digit? Well for Spain, a wrong decimal point in the design of their submarine cost them 14 million dollars over 3 years.

Or imagine staying in the globally famous Hyatt Hotel and watching the walkway collapse because the weight bearing capacity was calculated incorrectly? Were you also a victim of the Firestone Tire Recall in the year 2000 that costed the company over 2.4 billion dollars? Head to this infographic that recounts the costliest engineering mistakes made in building of tanks, bridges, ships and even satellites in our recent history.

The Editorial Team

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