Would You Be Happier If You Were Rich?

It’s a question that everyone has asked themselves at one stage or another:

“Can money buy happiness?”

The answer can be as straightforward or as tricky as you like.

If yes, we can assume that millionaires all over the world are some of the happiest people on Earth – and judging by what celebrity gossip magazines feed us, that’s not always the case.

On the other hand –if no, happiness couldn’t be bought – how exactly can we achieve it? With no price tag, how can this emotional state-of-mind we’ve chased after for so long, and even stated in the US constitution, be achieved?

And to add to the confusion, what exactly is happiness? It’s clear that happinesscan mean different things to different individuals. The long-term results versus the short-term outcomes of happiness can be completely different in the scheme of life. And can scientists even measure this subjective feeling?

The answer? In simple words: yes.

Money can buy you happiness – as long as you spend it in a certain way. And indeed, scientists can measure happiness – as people can accurately report their own levels of happiness. Similar to how optometrists rely on people reporting their own level of eyesight, the same can be said about the state of happiness: one can measure how engaged an individual is, how much pleasure they have in living and to what extentthey have meaning in their existence.

As the infographic below explores, the key to happiness lies in experiences. Paying for worthwhile activities, rather than possessions, can make you happier.

Perhaps The Beatle were right when they sang Can’t Buy Me Love – though let’s ignore the time they sang Money (That’s What I Want).


About Author: Karan Chopra, CEO at G2One Network An Internet Media Company), Founder at 99DollarWebsite and Editor/Writer atI2Mag,JustWP.org, CodeAndMe.net,BrandingBees.netJustInfo.Graphics,HowToWebDesign.org, NextBigProductand WPLove.co. Karan is an internet enthusiast, who loves to explore every second thing in both technology and business. You can find him on Facebook ,Twitter and Google+.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team led by Karan Chopra. Karan is an internet enthusiast, who loves to explore every second thing in both technology and business.

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